Effective business consulting and tailor-made solutions
focusing on compliance, process and organizational (re-) design and optimization.

What knowledge is available in your organization? What information is available in each individual department? Is the information in a digital format or is it still in paper format waiting for further processing? Do those who have relevant information pass it on? Do those who need this data have access to it? Are internal processes being optimized or could workflow be improved? Are the clients’ views also taken into consideration when using their data?

If these are questions that concern you in your business, then you’re in the right place. At caweco Business Consulting we deal with these issues on a daily basis. Often it is only clear at the start of the project what needs to be improved or what goals have to be achieved. There are different ways and tools to get there. As consultants and partners, we join forces with you, working together to take you in new directions to reach your desired goals.

What may sound straightforward is a focused and disciplined task, requiring vision, expertise and attention to detail. At caweco Business Consulting we specialize in process management organizational optimization, business intelligence and compliance issues. We have a successful track record and bring a wealth of experience, having worked with a diverse range of international companies in the fields of finance, insurance, automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical and manufacturing.

Our focus is business and management consulting, business analysis and the optimization of processes and structures. As highly experienced project managers, all our services are derived from one source: from in-depth analysis to innovative concepts, practical and profitable implementation to consistent implementation and ongoing performance control. From short-term individual measures to long-term overall projects. Our goal is to not only meet the expectations of our clients at project completion, but to exceed them. And this is only possible because we see ourselves as an integral part of your project success.

Are you interested how we can help on your digitalization efforts?

Contact us to learn about how we transform you manual processes into efficient and effective workflows using our proven and tested methodology and technology.

Contact us to learn about how we migrate you to Windows10 and/or Microsoft365.

Business Partner Compliance – Integrity check at the touch of a button.

Our business partner compliance tool helps you to verify the integrity of your business partners. Immediately, comprehensively and independently.

caweco is proud to be part of this year’s
DICO Forum.

The German Institute of Compliance will be hosting its annual conference in Berlin September 27 and 28, 2022.


As a management consultancy, we specialize in process management, organizational optimization, business intelligence and compliance topics. caweco is an active member at the DICO (Deutsches Institut für Compliance e.V.).

Banks and insurance companies, companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical and manufacturing industries are among the customers of caweco Business Consulting.