Process management means: analyzing, transforming and improving.

caweco Business Consulting works exclusively with employees who have many years of experience and expertise in the fields of business administration, IT and law (including Six Sigma, PRINCE2, Scrum Master, ETIL). We use classical approaches but we also bring alternative approaches into play, adopting new innovations and technology and working with our clients in new ways to achieve their goals. The best solution is sometimes off the beaten track.

The success of a company depends first and foremost on the right business strategy. But even the best strategy depends on the efficiency of the processes and the flexibility of the company’s organization. This is essential for competitiveness. We live in a time in which requirements are becoming more and more complex, in which technological developments are progressing even faster and in which regular adjustments and changes are needed. Processes are often the interface where strategy and organization meet. This is exactly where caweco consultants can support a company.

The focus is on the potential of the individual company. As a rule, consulting concentrates on operations and performance. The main approach to process optimization is to use knowledge that is already available in the company. At caweco Business Consulting performance can be summarized in one word: Business Intelligence. For us Business Intelligence is extremely relevant. Data is the currency of the future: A company must therefore be aware of its knowledge and have procedures for the systematic analysis (collection, evaluation, presentation) of data in electronic form. The IT-supported access to information, as well as the IT-supported analysis, preparation and provision of this information for the improvement of processes, create points of contact between specialist departments and IT. The interfaces to IT are large in process and organizational management. But unlike IT consulting, we as process consultants define the business requirements for IT together with the client’s project team – for the sustainable improvement of business processes. The ever-growing field of compliance management in particular presents companies with new challenges and opportunities. In this context, improving business intelligence can make business processes more profitable, reduce costs, minimize risks and increase added value.

In process and organisational development, we always closely observe the people who have to cope with new workflows and structures. It is important that those who work in this structure on a daily basis accept any new processes.

The unique combination of many years of experience and expertise guarantees verifiable solutions and success:

  • In process and organization management.
  • In various industries, particularly banks and insurance companies as well as companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical and manufacturing industries.
  • In various operational areas such as business organization, corporate law, compliance, information security, IT, accounting and controlling.

With this expertise, we are able to convert (regulatory) legal and internal requirements into practical and uncomplicated solutions for our clients. All activities are agreed with the client and adapted to their specific circumstances, with a focus on effectiveness, efficiency, cost minimisation and, wherever necessary, compliance.

The caweco Business Consulting headquarters is situated in Munich. However, most of our time is spent on site with our clients. This enables us to delve deep into the project and the permanent exchange of ideas and close client cooperation ensures that our consulting projects are successfully executed. This has resulted in long-term and trusting client relationships.