Process management and organizational optimization.

Our consulting approach closely links process management and organizational optimization. Process consulting has an impact on information and communication technologies within the company as well as the organization itself. Organisational optimization involves changing processes and has a social and psychological impact on the people affected. What’s the end game?

Improved business processes should optimize costs as well as enhance mobile business applications and digitalization. In this way, complexity should be reduced and quality increased. This is where caweco Business Consulting’s process and organizational consulting comes in. When optimizing processes and efficiency, we take into account the general conditions of the respective company. As process and organizational consultants, our main task is to sort, analyze and optimize the existing knowledge in the company.

Process Management

Verifiable cost reductions and increased client satisfaction are possible through well-founded process management and a structured concept. Standardized methods and analysis techniques are used throughout the company according to a systematic approach for data collection, analysis and evaluation. Future users should acquire the necessary skills through training programmes and management and high-level executives should be fully integrated and committed in order to successfully introduce process management.

 As a process consultant, the caweco consulting team supports you in the selection of the right approach for your company and the subsequent introduction of measures to optimise processes and organisation.

Personnel and Resource Management

The right strategy to achieve corporate goals is essential in corporate planning and management control. The right path to success often involves the integration and analysis of facts and figures. In practice, there is often not enough time for a thorough and comprehensive process analysis and subsequent planning and steering mechanism.

With our experience and specialist know-how, our team will advise you on the conception and technical implementation of suitable process management tools.

Organizational optimization

Organisational structures and processes must constantly be adapted to new systems and market or customer challenges. There will be crises to overcome and cultures have to grow together. Change in this day and age is the norm. Your organization, your management team and your employees are constantly facing a changing environment.

The caweco consulting team will help you to manage these changes professionally (Change Management) and with as little burden to the running operation as possible.

Contract and service management

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority sets out the Minimum Requirements for Risk Management. This comprehensive framework which aims at the management of all significant risks requires financial organizations to document and administrate services and outsourcing. caweco Business Consulting has developed an efficient and cost-effective solution which is simple and easy to follow steps allows companies to document all services and merge the content with underlying contract templates. Using the solution’s approval and workflow functionalities, the contracts get allocated to the respective members of management for signature and once electronically approved, finally get archived as PDF/A. By further integrating the solution with the organization’s HR and accounting systems, automated cost allocation between the organizational units and/ or affiliates is also possible.

caweco Business Consulting has developed a realistic and cost-effective compliance solution that can be tailored to individual company situations.

Project management

Projects present your company with great challenges. caweco Business Consulting is at your side, looking at your project from different perspectives to help you gain a holistic picture in order to make the right decisions.

In addition to process management, organizational optimization and classical project management, our consultants are also available to you in these related fields:

Interim management

As interim managers, the caweco consultants with their specialist knowledge are available when more than just a few consultant days are needed to solve a task or if the company lacks the suitable people or capacity to successfully implement a project.


As coaches, we guide the development of solutions through structured discussions. We also help to develop personal competencies in the context of changes in processes and structures within the company. Furthermore, as a coach, we support employees, colleagues and superiors in overcoming conflicts in order to be successful in process and organisational optimisation.