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Since 2011 caweco Business Consulting is the ideal partner for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operational processes. Our aim right from the start was to provide innovative solutions and break new ground, rather than rely on existing templates. Our approach is to listen, question, understand and get to the bottom of complex problems and challenges. No situation, no challenge, and no problem are the same. We uncover processes and structures, analyze them, design solutions for their improvement, manage the project from start to finish and ask questions that may never have been asked internally before. Our international team, which consists exclusively of experienced senior consultants, design out-of-the-box solutions to make your organization even more successful.

The experience, knowledge and business understanding of the caweco consulting team guarantees fast solutions. Our managing directors and senior consultants lead the project from beginning to end, continually communicating with our clients and providing a well-thought out, realistic approach with concrete objectives. This creates a solid basis of trust on both sides. Our proven track record of long-term partnerships is the best testimonial.

The caweco Business Consulting headquarters are situated in Munich. However, most of our time is spent on site with our clients. This enables us to delve deep into the project and the permanent exchange of ideas and close client cooperation forms the basis for the successful execution of our consulting projects. This has resulted in long-term and trusting client relationships.

Leaving the beaten track for new routes

Always on the ball. Maintaining the highest and most current level of knowledge. Continuously linking knowledge and experience to analysis and conception and thereby acheiving innovative solutions … this is the caewco Business Consulting philosophy. And it is what drives the two company founders Peter Charles Carling and Matthias Wenzl and their team on a daily basis. Leaving the beaten track for new routes… is our motto. All projects involve cross-departmental and organisational solutions that are individually designed, implemented and completed with in-depth specialist knowledge for each task and are accompanied by caweco consultants beyond the conclusion of the contract. This also includes realising projects reliably and transparently within the targets, budget and timeframe. The successful implementation and sustainable quality of the consulting projects is only possible due to the close cooperation between the project team on the client side and the caweco consultants. These attributes are equally important:

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